Friday, April 2, 2010

Put a fork in me....

... I'm done. LOL, designing, that is.

It breaks my heart to leave TLP, which in my personal opinion, is the best store ever!! But, my heart is just not in designing anymore. I miss scrapping, I find myself not wanting to spend time on the computer, my interests are changing too. I am getting involved in volunteering for the police department, I have been sewing, playing lot's of Wii, and spending time outside with Sophie at the park. Designing is just not a passion of mine anymore, and there are not enough hours in the day, as we all know.

Therefore, my store will close Sunday night. In the meantime, everything is 50% off, so feel free to snag stuff before it goes away for good!

Thank you so much, to all of my loyal customers, supporters and friends! You mean the world to me! I can't wait to join you on the scrapping side!!!


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RealRach said...

Ahh...It was so awesome talking to you on the phone yesterday. I swear your voice alone makes me smile! XOXO

Your talent will be missed.

Karen said...

I will miss you. You made some beautiful kits!
Karen from Moscow

Michele said...

So sorry to hear this. Best of luck to you!

Eva Marina said...

Good for you! Enjoy your new activities. :)

Christina said...

Sorry to hear you are retiring! Someone was looking for programs to teach Photoshop to her daughter, are you still selling/supporting your program? Here's the link!