Sunday, October 7, 2007

(Faux) Tennis Anyone???

Emma Playing faux tennis, I had to keep reminding her to stop looking at the camera and keep her eye on the "ball".

Emma is taking P.E. (Phys. Ed, Gym class, whatever you want to call it...) online. That's right, gym class has gone virtual.

I'm sorry, but back in my day we had to actually run around and sweat and climb things and jump over things, and get balls thrown at us and generally make fools of ourselves (well I made a fool of myself, at least) in front of an actual gym teacher.

Now you can avoid all this by taking gym class online, never breaking a sweat, never having to enjoy the fun of changing in front of everyone, knowing that they are all staring at you for the fact that you STILL don't have boobs, always being chosen last for kickball...ouch, this is bringing back some painful memories.

The other day Emma told me she needs to email a picture of herself "playing" tennis, to her instuctor. Well, I was in no mood for a match, nor was she. So we went to the tennis courts, not even bringing a ball with us, just some old, moldy racket we unearthed in the garage and snapped these photos of Emma in "action".

She may not be sweating or running around or getting knocked down in dodgeball, but I must say, with all the homework this class has giving her, she has really firmed up her typing fingers. I mean, they are pure muscle. Unfortunately, she doesn't use her thumbs to type and therefore, those are quite flabby. Flabby thumbs... it's going to be the next big epidemic for 12-18 year olds, just watch.

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