Friday, October 12, 2007

Some Exciting News and Ramblings...

I am working on a caaauuuute freebie for tomorrow, but in the meantime I have exciting news to share!

Exciting News #1: I am working on a collab kit with a very, very talented designer...a mystery designer for now. This kit is going to be like nothing you've ever seen before! I am very excited about that! I am not sure when we will have it ready, so stay tuned! I will still be posting more quirky freebies in the meantime, so check back often!

Exciting News #2: I mentioned in an earlier post that I found a turtle in our pool. We rescued him and got him a proper home and turtle food and all that fun stuff and here he is, making his internet debut....please welcome...drum roll...Turtle - the turtle (thus named by my 5 year old stepdaughter Mila). Isn't he cute?

1 comment:

Beckie said...

What a lucky little guy ... I can't wait to see this new kit :-)