Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Guess where I am right now! In the middle of the ocean between the Bahmamas and Florida! I can't believe how cool it is that I can blog from a ship in the middle of the ocean! But, I am exhausted. Had a long (yet profitable, yipeeeee) day at Atlantis Resort Casino and all I can hear now is bing, bling, ching, cha-ching ringing in my ears. Yikes! But I do have somethings cool planned for tomorrow once I am back safe on dry land. Those of you who missed my coupon last week, stay tuned. And speaking of that, those of you who used the coupon, thank you!

More tomorrow gals (and guys)!

1 comment:

Lee Anne said...

Oh how fun! Glad you are enjoying your trip!!!!! And win some ca-ching for me too. :)