Monday, June 16, 2008

Some news a contest and a layout

OK, first of all, see that cool new banner up there? MelindaH from Gotta Pixel made it for me! What a sweetheart! Her username links to her gallery, she is a very talented lady! Anyhow, it was such a sweet thing of her to do, so thank you Melinda!!!!

How was your weekend? We celebrated Father's day by treating Tyson like King for the day. Now it's back to reality. Haha. He is such a good Daddy though, the kids and I are very lucky. I made this layout to honor him:

I used Krystal Hartley's, portion of the Father's Day Collab available at Faith Sisters. The whole kit is so cute and it is free with a $10 purchase! Speaking of Krystal, I just saw a sneak peak on her blog of a new kit she has been working on...looks sooo cute!

I too am working on a new kit and it is TOTALLY different than Funked Up or most any of my other kits. If you followed me over at the Scrap Orchard Design Contest, think along the lines of Round 3. It's flowery, vintage-y and shabby. Look for it very soon!

So this leads me to my next question: what would you like me to make after this current kit is complete? I would love for one of you to become my muse and inspire a new kit! If you have any wishes for themes, colors, or style of something you have really been wanting but have been unable to find, let me know! If your idea is chosen, not only will you receive the kit inspired by you, but also a $20.00 Gift Certificate for my store! Doesn't that sound like fun? Post here with your ideas, if you want to include colors or inspiration, include a link to that. In a week I will pick my muse! LOL! Good Luck!


Suzie Q. Scrapper said...

I like this contest- hopefully you will get lots of good idea's that would inspire you.
Here is my idea. I love your childlike characters and doodles incorperated in a sports kit. My kiddies are always playing ball in the yard. My little guy Nate is always rolling around tennis balls on the grass. I am thinking a textured green background (glasslike), brown baseball dirt ect. I know these darker hues are not the usual ones in your kits. Most of your kits are bright and colorful. This is just an idea. I would love to see any of your creations. I hope you find the inspiration you are looking for!!
Good luck!-lori

Krystal Hartley said...

I'll have to send people over here to give you suggestions...and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

SaVanna Walker said...

Hey Amy! I'm not part of the competition...BUT, I'd like to see a very "Amy Sumrall-esque" 4th of July kit. Something red white & blue but not the traditional 4th kits we see! I want all the little doodles and whimsical elements and papers that you're famous for! I'm looking for something to scrap this coming 4th with, because we have LOTS of plans, and I know we'll take LOTS fo Pix! :) Can't wait to see what you decide on!

[xoxo] SaV

the3chickens said...

I'd like to ask for a kiddie sports kit. Most of the ones out there are 'serious' ones - I'd like something that's more of a child's play thing - for those pics of my son playing with his toy sports sets like golf, bowling, baseball, basketball, etc but he's just messing around with the toys, not really playing the sport itself if you kwim? eg a golf club to him is something to smash his other toys with :D I hope I'm making some sense here! :D For colours, I love your 'usual' schemes so would love to see more of the same (well, except pink and purple :D) and definitely in your usual 'style' which is so perfect for kids!

the3chickens said...

Sorry, it's me again :D I just noticed I'm listed on your blog!! Oh wow, thanks so much, you stalker you :D mwah! [that's from Mac :)]

the3chickens said...

Errmm.. guess who?? :D

I've just thought of a couple more requests :)

A sort of cooking kit that's not pink or country kitchen for little boys that pretend-cook

A guitar (& other musical instruments too like keyboard/piano, drums, sax, trumpet, etc) kit that's not either pink or punk/grunge/rockstar suitable for a normal everyday boy that just bangs on them for fun

Not sure how this can be done but I've never seen a kit with marbles (not the mental ones you - ok, me - ocasionally lose but those little round glass ones :D)

A kit for pics of little boys watching TV and scrapping their fave cartoons

Doodle du Jour colours + orange, mix of b&w may be nice too. Your doodles. Flowers are fine. Ribbons etc are fine. Just no pink or purple.

Ok, I promise I wont be back again. (I think)

Jeanna Marie said...

A mp3 player/discman kit. Something with headphones, and little mp3 players or discmans, cd's, and speakers and music notes, etc with colors that work for both boys and girls.

ibleedart said...

I would love to see a kit about pizza! :) What kid doesn't like pizza? I have pictures of my son running around with a pizza box on his head that I haven't had kits to scrap them with! :) I was going to make one but I just don't have the time. So I was thinking a kit with colors like red, yellow (for cheese), green, and mushroom brown would be a great idea. I even had some ideas for papers like a paper with pizza toppings...a sauce edge overlay, pizza box element, an apron element, pizza slices, etc. If you could make one of these I'd be so grateful! :) I love your designs, btw! :) Thanks for sharing! :)