Friday, August 8, 2008

FPD Round 2

Here is my submission for round 2 at FPD! It was quite funny actually (not!). We left for vacation Monday around noon and then once we settle in to the hotel in Mississippi that evening I plug in my *laptop* and find out that the assignment is to do 8 extractions and offer them as an element pack. The assignment was due Thursday at midnight and I knew we wouldn't get back home till at least 8:30 Thursday night, so I was freaking out!
One, I did not bring the cord to transfer photos from my camera to my lap top. Two, I brought my dinky (aka: *piece o' crap*) laptop with me that I hate working on, and Three, we were in the middle of Nowhere!
So, finally Tuesday night, after a 2 1/2 hour trip (each way) to New Olreans and back with the in-laws, I convince hubby to get me to the nearest Walmart (half an hour away!) and we find a universal cord for my camera and I also buy a bag of fuzzy things, felt and some buttons.
So, since we are sharing a hotel room with the baby, here I am trying to make these little dodads in the dark while she is sleeping. I used my husband's iPhone as a flashlight. Wednesday morning I convince him to go spend time with his family without me and let me work on this. OK, so I stink at extractions and taking photos, but I get it all loaded on *piece o' crap* and go to work and think, ok, this will have to do. I upload it and try to put it out of my mind. I get home last night and go look at my entry and I am pretty embarrassed! It looks totally different on a monitor bigger than 12 inches! LOL!
So today I got a little time to clean things up a bit more which is why this preview looks different from my preview in the contest. So, long story short, I managed to have a fairly nice vacation and spend some time with the inlaws, but I am so happy to be home and have all of this behind me! If you want to go leave me some love over there, I sure could use it about now!

Other than that, we have a busy weekend planned, birthday parties, etc. Personally, I wish I could sleep all weekend!

Click Image to be taken to FPD to download!


the3chickens said...

Wow, I am totally impressed you managed to think up the items to use, make them so creatively and get them all extracted under such circumstances! I salute you :) (& I dl-ed it, thanks very much :D)

Anonymous said...

it's scary that your bad work is this good...thanks so cute!

pavelancsika said...

Thank you! So cute! :)

Sara E said...

oh my gosh... you are too funny!

I was wondering how you got these done while you were there

I think they are hysterically cute & you better move to round 3
love ya

Bek said...

hey, don't be hard on yourself! I think they're precious, and I downloaded them and plan on using them! You did a great job for the pressure you were under, and I agree with anonymous, if your bad work is this good, then you have nothing to worry about!

Clara said...

Amy, these little doodads are so cute! Your story was hilariously funny... I am so impressed you managed to put together this under the circumstances!

stampin_rachel said...

oh Amy, that is too funny! They turned out great!

Andrea said...

You know how I feel about them. Funny funny funny! I think you deserve bonus points for the execution! I particularly love the little purple guy!!

Hummie said...

Don't you have the cutest blog! I love the subtle background--gives it a warm feeling without making it hard to read.

kay said...

these elements are adorable, amy- the green one is my personal favorite. i also had wondered how you were going to get your submission in while on vacation... you pulled it off! yay!