Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soul Searching

Okay, I admit, this is not the stuff I usually post about, be warned.

After my Step Dad passing away just over a year ago, and also having welcomed a new baby into this world, I started thinking about my own mortality. I was also really starting to feel my age, if you know what I mean. Before my Dad died, he was telling me he was pretty scared because he wasn't sure if there was anything after or if it was just the end and boom, you are gone forever. I have always felt for sure in my heart that there is an afterlife. I told him that I was sure of it! Then, after he passed, I started really searching for answers. I knew he and all of my Grandparents were "up there' and watching over us, but I really wanted more information. I wanted to know what Heaven is like. Let me tell you, I have read soooo many books on the topic over the past year. Books by mediums, those who have had near death experiences, etc, etc.

My interest in my own soul journey began to grow too. I started asking myself, "why am I here?" "what should I be doing to help make the world a better place?"... all of the big questions.

My journey is not near complete, I am sure it never will be.

One thing I have realized is that ANYTHING we do that is creative, is from above. I believe with all of my heart that creativity is our gift from God and using it is our thank you back to Him. Have you ever been making a scrapbook page or something and just feel it all fit together and you get that little feeling of excitment watching it unfold better than you could have imagined? That's what I am talking about. This is why I would never dream of saying something negative about a layout or another designers kit. I know that it was created with love and with their relationship with their Higher Power. Who am I to judge that??

Okay, so what is all of this rambling about? I found a cool new website, created by Rainn Wilson (from the show The Office) and it ponders all of lifes big questions and the link between spirituality and creativity and just has so many nifty posts and creative challenges, it's fun and deep at the same time! it's called Soul Pancake and if it's your thing, go check it out!


Crystal said...

What a cool site Amy, I've added Soul Pancake to my reader ;)

Lori Decoite said...

I toam a believer in the afterlife. After my dad passes I watched for signs. It was a few days but they came. A warm feeling like a hug, but nobody was there. I knew it was him. There was been signs over the past years and a half, I know he is up there. Thanks for the site I will check it out.

It is funny, for people who have not lost someone close they sometime think your are crazy when you talk sabout this stuff.

agravette said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I also believe in God and know that one day I'll be in Heaven with Him. He is just so awesome, and knowing that He is watching over me makes me feel so secure. My personal belief is that Jesus is His Son, and I have a relationship with Him. Good luck on your search for the truth, and thanks so much for sharing your life!

Chris said...

The best book to read for questions like this is the Bible. I personally prefer the New Living Translation. You get answers right from the source Himself!