Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey Peeps!

SYTYCD has come to a close and the winner is.... Maelia Designs! Honestly, her kits were incredible and I expected her to win! Congrats to her and JadyDay who actually only trailed by 16 votes!!! Her kits were so awesome and I think that is close enough to almost call it a tie! In my opinion at least! LOL!

As far as my SYTYCD kits go, if you missed them at DSA, I will be adding a few of them here and a couple others I may expand on and add to my shop. I really liked my 365 kit so that is one I want to make bigger and better now that I am not crunched for time!

So, in the next couple weeks, I will post some freebies for you, and others I need to retire because my 4shared bandwidth is totally maxed! Go grab Fun Wow as soon as you can because that is one I need to retire soon!

I do have some fun projects coming up that I will share with you over the next few weeks! I am also working on some new releases and will have an fun new crayon brush set for you soon, by special request by my girls at TDC!

And, last but not least, I have an awesome new creative team! Woot! These girls are, talented, sweet, supportive, creative, funny and just plain rad! Welcome, girls!


Lori Decoite said...

hi Amy- congrats to you and you are an AMAZING and CREATIVE designer who did great in the contest (winner or not ;). Congrats to the winners, but you are still my fav!
Your team looks great! good luck to all of you! I will be on the look out to see what is next : ). Hugs-me

nie said...

congrats on your CT girls :)
To me you are still a winner! I love your designs! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to confess that liked the Maelia designs too, but ..... I absolutley loved yours! I voted for you, and you are still my winner. Thanks again for the fab kits!

Carol in Liverpool x

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog & bookmarked it! I found the contest just here in June and signed up on the site and started major download {not sure if my computer can handle it} I have to say truthfully I never heard of you {but new to digi, less than a year} BUT!!! What I really loved about your kits that were entered into the contest is they all corrdinated together! You can pull from each kit and it would work. Wish I would of figured out that it was time to vote I would of voted for you for that reason alone!!! It was after they were not posting this week that I went and searched the fourm and realized a winner was already announced.
AnyHOOOO just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the kits you did provide. I'll be looking into the store where you sell your products.
My daughters loved your kits best! They are 14 & 19 years old.

Maryse said...

Sorry for you,but Frenchs are the best ;p
Congrats to all your girls :)
Have a nice day.

Amy said...

I would have totally thought you had it in the bag with that great 80s kit you finished with. You were my fave by far.

Tracy Kosofsky said...

Well, you know that YOU are my fave!! :)

So excited to be part of your team!!