Saturday, July 31, 2010

You are invited to my Butterfly Gold dinner...(and more thrift finds)

Welcome! Are you hungry? Please take a seat, dinner is being served.

We will be enjoying a four course meal followed by dessert.

Butter for your roll? Absolutely!

A little cream and sugar for your coffee?

Or maybe a lot of cream and sugar for your coffee!

I will be mixing up some yummy batter for the cake and frosting in hese.

And will cook up some healthy veggies in theses!

How about a cassarole? Yum!

Leftovers go here.

So now you have seen my Pyrex collection... well some of it. When I first started collecting, I was drawn to everything Pyrex because I had my Grandma's original 4 piece mixing bowl set in primary colors. I have so many great memories of baking with her, using those bowls. I still use them to this day...(will post pics of the rest of the collection another time).
When I started collecting I was buying up everything pyrex. But then space became an issue and I realized I needed to focus my collection. I chose to stick with Butterfly Gold because my other grandma had this pattern when I was little. Actually my ex-mother-in-law did too. Evn though she is my exMIL, I still have fond memories of sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee. So, that's how I landed on Butterfly Gold. I sold the rest in a yard sale. The only other pyrex I buy now is solid color to go with Grandma's original set of four. Sometimes it is hard for me to resist a pretty pyrex dish that is in a different pattern, but I remind myself that I have no room for more AND I don't cook nearly enough to justify having 10 cassarole dishes. LOL!
So, wanna see what I thrifted this week?
This retro looking recipe binder, too cute to pass up, in perfect condition.

This pretty plate, made in Japan, still has the sticker on the back. Not sure what I will do with it, but it was pretty and I wanted it.

This lovely is going on Ebay. Need to make some money to support my thrifting habit.

Ice cream scoop and fork thingy.

Oh! And the mid century modern table! It was 5.99! I already painted it turquoise! Will show it in a future post!
That's it for now, thanks for coming! Hope you enjoyed dinner, please come again!


Madge said...

What a lovely collection of Butterfly Gold! Love it. I had to put the brakes on my Pyrex, too - now I just buy what I really love & it must be in excellent condition & unique, of course! And look at your $5.99 table! You have a good eye!

Joy said...

Awesome! I had total flashbacks of my grandmother's dinner table! And my mom had a bowl that she used for vegetables too like that. :)