Friday, September 28, 2007

Some Musing On Child Care...Then and Now

So my Mom (I love you Mom!) has been watching Sophie this week while I help my friend out in her office. She has made the comment about how much taking care of a baby has changed since she raised us. Here are just a few of the child care methods she and her friends utilized while raising us (again, disclaimer: I love you Mom!)

They would (and I won't mention who's who):

  • Smoke and drink a martini while nursing us. (Multi-tasking!)

  • Tape the pacifier to our faces so we wouldn't drop it (clever!)

  • Rub Gin on our gums when we were teething (who didn't?)

  • Prop our bottles (they had to, there were no microwaves back then and they needed to cook dinner!)

  • Put "us" (a-hem) on the front porch in the winter in our baby buggy, with only the dog acting as our babysitter, so that we could get some fresh air (in her defense, he was a really big dog.)

  • Tie us to the clothes line in the yard on a rope so we could get some excersize without running away (Thank God this wasn't me...I think)

  • Sit us in a laundry basket on the floor of the car when transporting us (they invented car seats!)

Yes, times sure have changed! We survived (how??!!??) Just kidding, Mom...I love you! LOL!

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