Monday, October 8, 2007

The Add-On, Much Better Than The Original!

I learned a lot from all of the mistakes I made with my Lil' Bit Kit, like for instance, invest in commercial use ribbons, don't even think of making your own! I also learned that some things were way to BIG and some were way too small. So, now that I' ve figured stuff out, please enjoy the add on. Includes cute glittery frames and glitter paint smears, and 2 new papers, one of which is way cute, in my humble opinion, and a very nice wrap ribbon and some glitter flower stickers.

Oh, someone asked me what kind of flowers they are...I have no clue, they grew in my imagination! Heehee....

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debbie said...

that is a great first kit
I love the colors !!
keep up the good work

Beckie said...

I can't tell you how impressed I am ... I'm bowing down to you :-)

helen said...

The kit and the add on are great! Very 'hip' colors for girls - love them! And I love your blog - thanks for sending us this way! My first time visit here! Keep up the great work - looks like we have a designer in the making here ! keep up the good work!