Friday, October 5, 2007

My Little Super Model In Training

Sophie has this thing...she loves to eat, just like her Mommy! In fact, she like to overeat, to be quite honest and at her 4 month appointment she was in the 90th percentile for her weight and the 25th percentile for her height. (Ahhh, my little beach ball baby.) I am worried though, that she may have overheard this little bit of information about her height/weight ratio because she is now binging and purging. She basically eats her fill and then throws up the extra...all over me. Don'tchya think she is a bit young to have body image issues??? Okay, I know, bulima is no laughing matter and if you are offended I apologize.... But back to my story:

So, to be serious for a moment, this actually does worry me. Not that she has body image issues, but the fact that half of everything that goes in, comes right back out and comes out the wrong end, at that. I've discussed this with the Doctor and she said that as long as Sophie is gaining weight (and boy, is she) then there is no concern. I should send the Doctor my drycleaning bill, then maybe she would see the concern! I remember Emma spitting up her fair share, but not like this!

If anyone has any experience with this...please share! My wardrobe and I thank you...

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