Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm back!

As you can imagine, it has been a tough week. We had my Dad's Memorial Service on Friday and since he was an Officer in the Marines, about 12 of them were there to honor him with a flag folding ceremony, a 21 gun salute and a moving rendition of Taps on the bugle. His brother and a few of us daughters got up to say a few words about Dad and everyone said it was the most moving and touching memorial they ever attended.

We are all trying to get back to "normal" but we miss him terribly.

Yesterday my Mom and I took the girls shopping and to lunch at a greek place (yum!) and we had a really nice time. We found out Sophie LOVES pita bread but I get nervous because she still doesn't have any teeth.

Today is Gymboree class...oh and I am working on a new kit, almost done!

I also have a freebie meal planner over at Gotta Pixel in the Subscriber area...it's pretty cool! Thanks to Stacy for the double dog dare to make it!

OK, more soon and a freebie coming later tonight!



Lee Anne said...

So glad you are back! Don't worry about Sophie not having teeth. My guys didn't get them until much later than most and they can chew extremely well. It amazes me. They actually did better without their teeth I think since now whatever you put in front of them they have to shove it all in their mouth! See what you have to look forward to... :)

Randi said...

sending hugs! was thinking about you and all you are going through, email me if you need/want to talk! or catch me on Yahoo. hugs.