Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Name My New Kit and Win It!

I may add a few more elements, but here it has a little bit of Asian influence and a little French Country too. So, what to call it? Post what you think it should be named here in the comments and if I pick your submission, you win it!

There are 12 papers and a full uppercase alpha along with the elements you see here.
Good luck and thanks for your help! I hope to pick a name tonight!


psy said...

Hmmmmm....Bits and Blossoms?


Wanda said...

How about Lemon Drops?

or Asian Sun?

... that LadyD! said...

Great Kit Amy... here's my suggestions:

Golden Years
Golden Skies
Autumn Farewell
Spring Dreams

Randi said...


Spring Ahead ;)

drgnldy said...

how bout:
on wings of sunshine
golden days
chi d'amour (silly I know)

mapsgirl said...

It's beautiful!!!

Asian Meadows
Country Blossom

may said...

Hi Amy,

What a beautiful kit. Some name suggestions:

Tropical Romance
A Little Bit of Asia
Asian Fusion
Ai (Love in Japanese)

:) May
mayk808-at-hotmail-dot-com said...

How about;

Citrus Spring

Andra said...

How about:
Meadow Life

sell4you2day said...

Tea Garden.. for its' beautiful hue and the floral and insects....