Monday, May 11, 2009

SYTYCD Week 2 Freeeebie!

Well, my week 2 submission is up! The challenge was to make a Project 365 /everyday type kit.

I decided to further challenge myself and go 100% CU Free. I read *somewhere* (LOL) that some people were looking for CU Free kits to scrap with. It really got me thinking again about the fact that I used to not use CU when I started out, but then all these wonderful CU products started hitting the market and, well, honestly I got lazy.

Let me just say this: there is NOTHING wrong with using CU creatively. But, for ME, this is the right way to go. I feel a bigger sense of pride in my kits that don't include CU, everything in my kits will be totally unique to me only, and I do happen to like to sew and doodle and make textures anyways, so I might as well! I've also become more comfortable with extracting, but it's stil not my favorite way to spend an evening. LOL! However, this is the direction I plan to go with my kits from now on. I am not knocking those who use CU in ANY way, all I'm saying is this is what is right for ME.

PS: I hope PS filters aren't considered CU... LOL! I LOOOOVE my Alien Skin filters!

OK, enough babble, here it is!

You can snag it here!
MWAH for now!


nie said...

I have to say I am a big fans of your creations! You always make gorgeous kits!
Although for now, I only manage to snag freebies to scrap, but I really appreciate the efforts put into each kit!
All the best with the competitions :)

KrisG said...

Your kit is GORGEOUS!!! I commented at DSA but stumbled on your blog and wanted to leave ya some love. GOOD LUCK!!!

Crystal said...

Hey Amy! I also decided to go CU Free about a week ago. Extractions are so hard! BUT I gotta agree, it's a whole different kind of pride when you look at the preview :)

BTW, I'm no longer designer under DigiScrapalicious, I've got a new blog too!

Rose said...

very cool! Thanks!

Sylvia said...

The kit is just GORGEOUS!!! *wow*
Thanks for sharing this beauty for free!!!
I have a (nosy and maybe a little stupid ;-) ) question: What is 'CU'?
{love} Sylvia

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

:) Loved this li'l kit! Already scrapped with it and loaded it to the week 2 gallery and facebook ;) Everyone has loved it so far on FB! I love that you didn't use any CU!

kay said...

I think you make gorgeous and really fun kits- and unique. I've never noticed anything cookie cutter about you, miss Amy. I'm so glad to see you out of retirement... lol. I should have known you can't stay away. "Busy" must be your middle name.

Rose said...
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Rose said...
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Rose said...

I tried to post in the gallery under the freebies, but am unable to? It says I don't have're up against some stiff competition! They're all great :)

Rose said...
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Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Amy, your SYTYCD kits have been so fabulous!! I have left you messages at DSA, but wanted to come here to your blog and tell you personally how much I love your work. I feel so very fortunate to have a few of your designs. Since my job "layoff" I haven't been able to shop the way I normally would, so I really feel like I hit the digiscrap lottery!!!

Thank you for all you do! I was just over at digichick and you have a kit over there that I am dying to get my hands on!!!

I wish you so much success, you deserve it and I think you are simply mah-velous! :)


Anonymous said...

Another AWESOME FANTASTIC WONDERFUL OUT of THIS WORLD kit from the famous Amy Sumrall!! Missed you at Disney!

Digi Designz ~Alicia said...

omg i absolutely adore this kit! love those day of the week flair!

jassi said...

Very colourful and nice.

Thank you for sharing!!!


allochka said...

I love it and used a lot for my summer pages:

Thank you, Amy!!!!