Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shape Up Users Post Here!

I wanted to take a moment to touch base with those of you who are using the program, or who have children using the program. I would like to know:

1. Are the videos helpful to you/your kids?

2. Are you even watching the videos? (LOL)

3. What would you like the next video to cover?

4. Would the videos be more helpful if they were shot in PSE?

I keep sitting down to record a new video, but honestly, no one has been asking for a new one (LOL) and I am not sure if maybe every basic skill needed was covered in the first 4 videos, or they are just not that important of a component for the system, or what!

Your feedback is very important to me and I would love to hear what you think!

I am here to assist your child in learning to digiscrap, expand their creativity and imagination and most importantly, have fun! I just want to be sure I am meeting those goals and I want to provide you with anything that would further allow us to achieve those goals! So, please don't hesitate to either reply here and shoot me an email at amysumrall @ gmail . com!



Lori Decoite said...

hi amy-
my kiddos are still loving this program. The video's are helpful, but to be honest I cannot think of any other topics for you. This a great progam/kit. Sophie usually comes up w/ an idea and is able to do alot of the adjustments her self. It amazes me, I show her once and she remembers. I will send two of her lastest to your gmail talk soon-

Christina said...

Tyler is loving all your bits and pieces. I have it all in a folder on the desktop so it's easy for him to find. We haven't watched the videos, he just wanted to get started LOL and I had to add things to his folders, he saw me sorting your Rawr collection. He is now the proud owner of some monsters and he snagged the bird from "fun wow"

I should send you some of his art too!

LVMommy22 said...

hi amy,
i've been thinking about purchasing this set, but i use pse and i thought it might be confusing for my 5 yr old dd. i'd love to see you do the videos in pse!
:) M

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Julie said...

So far we made some puppets. Ty hasnt watched the video yet, but this summer when we have more time it is on our list!
Here are the little puppets we made.