Thursday, July 8, 2010

A day (or two) late and a dollar short

I seem to be spinning my wheels this week and not getting anything done, so I thought I'd show you a couple of thrifty finds from weeks ago that make me smile.
I had this house when I was a little girl. Now my daughter has one too! I swear, I did buy it for her and not just to indulge my own nostalgia. Wink, wink.

I found a whole bag of these little guys and gals at the thrift for 1.95. I had to ask my FB friends what they were. I knew they weren't Little People. My pals came to the rescue right away, they are Toddle Tots! So cute! My daughter is currently OBSESSED with all the Toy Story movies right now and these little buggers have a little cameo in the first and second movie, so it's a double score!
Last week my Mom came over for a little tea party and brought these yummy strawberry miffins on this beautiful Limoge server. She gave me the server... and the creamer and sugar. My Mom is the BEST!!!!
OK, I will be back with my thrifty finds very soon! In the meantime, Happy Thrifting!


Jessica said...

We had one of those Little People houses too... I wish I could find one for my boys! It brings back so many memories. :)

Susan Catmull said...

We had the boat,airplane,house,barn,and every other little people thing possible when I was little. I'm a sucker for those little people and bought them for my kids too. Now my kids are too big to play with them but I'd never throw them out so I'm packing them away for when grandkids come along.
Love seeing all your thrifty finds. You have great taste.

Emily Card said...

Wow, that sure brings back a lot of memories. Now I wonder if my little house is still kicking around the basement of my mom's house...

The Secret Pepper Society said...

Amy, Do you live in the St. Pete area? If so have you been to the weigh n' Pay where everything is 40 cents a ponds? E-mail me at