Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where does the tme go? My Monday Thrift Finds, on Thursday

I keep intending to update my blog each Monday so that I can join all the fabulous blog parties out there, but I get easily distracted...

...making pillows out of vintage towels and tablecloths...
... lot's of 'em!
Anyhoo, I, of course have been thrifting as usual. Dear Hubby has asked me to pace myself a little more. Who me?? Hahaha.

I found this cute wall shelf at my favorite/crazy making thrift store... (more on that in a bit). The shelf was blue and I painted it white so it would match my kitchen cupboards. Of course everything on the shelves is thrifted too.

Here is a little view of my quirky but fun breakfest nook window. I have actually removed the trivets because it was overkill, but I love the apron valance! Just makes me smile.

Did you see these cute plastic plates scattered throughout this post? I love, love them! They are not marked on the back so I know nothing about how old they are or who made them. I would love to find out so I can start searching for more! I adore melamine, especially for a family as clumsy as mine.
So, about my love/hate relationship with a certain thirft store in my area... OMG. this place is totally insane, huge, and I have found the most wonderful things there. I would say about 80% of my goodies have come from this place. The downside is that once a few things are snatched up at 2.95, they start pricing it at 7.95. Boo, but it is for charity, so what the hey. The craziness comes in with the other shoppers. This place is MOBBED! I have arrived there at a couple minutes before 9 and there is a line to get in. Every time!
Once in, it's every man for himself, there is so much rudeness and pushiness, you would be shocked. People purposely block the isles so you can't get through, they crowd you, they elbow you.
The "professional" pickers are the worst. Many ebayers and flea market sellers and they are incredibly pushy. I have actually had an item taken out of MY OWN cart by one! Unreal! They stand around the employee door and then crowd all over the poor lady wheeling the stuff out, grabbing things off her cart, not bothering to look where they are going. I get frustrated because here I am trying to buy stuff for my own home, I don't want to have to buy it from these jerks for triple the cost on ebay. To sum up the shopping experience there, basically it is like warfare. Still, I keep going back because, well, that place has got the goods and I guess I want them bad enough! I just need to shed my sweet little "excuse me, please" polite attitude at the door and go in and get down and dirty!
I hope you all have a great weekend. Happy thrifting!


Christina said...

I love those plates, so cute! I wish I could find things like that here!

Bounty Huntress said...

Cute window treatment!


This sounds like our "weigh n' pay" where stuff is 50 cents a pound and 40 cents a pound for glassware. Check out my post on Saturday and July 9th for a couple of my treasures I found there. The people are INSANE! It's very dangerous on so many levels. My neighbor got hit in the head with a toaster one day. I wear gloves in order not to get cut and really need a helmet and bullet proof vest, too! PS LOVE the red accents!