Monday, August 23, 2010

What A Week!

It's been a crazy week here! On Wednesday not only did I turn another year older, I also took my oldest daughter, to college. Waaaaaaah on both accounts! Florida State University is about 7 hours from here so that part really stinks. I miss her so much, more than I thought I would. I've been nervous for her, excited for her and every emotion in between.

Before we left, she presented me with these...

Three milk bottles from our home town of Hamburg NY. The 2 in the back are clearly from Hamburg Dairy, and the one in the front is from Quimby, also of Hamburg. I thought that was such a sweet gift and shows my kid really knows me and the kind of things I like.

Oh, and look what vintage goody my Mom gave me!

That lovely set in the top right corner. It is Pottery Guild and so cute! (you can also see a little Stangl teapot sticking out on the left, I scored that for 2.95 because the lid is missing.

I did manage to thrift a bit. Actually, my Mom and I stopped in Ocala on our way home to hit up 2 thrift stores.

This cute little tin was 88 cents

and full of this sweet note paper.

Great Hall Pottery tea pot, I paid 7.50 because there was a chip on the spout that was glued back on. You can hardly tell and I love the shape. I don't mind these little flaws, especially when it makes something so affordable. Afterall, goodness knows I am full of flaws myself! LOL

This was a strange impulse purchase. A bag of billard balls for 2.00. Not sure what I can repurpose the rest into, but for now I have these four on the side of my mantle, displaying my house number.

And a pint sized apron for my pint sized helper, Sophie. One great thing about having two kids so far apart in age is that I now see how fast Emma grew up and now she is off on her own... woosh... it flew by! It makes me appreciate every moment with Sophie that much more. I try to take mental snapshots of every little thing so that I can really treasure each and every minute.
Speaking of Sophie, I have been making some cute little ruffle skirts out of vintage pillow cases for her and will post a tutorial here in the next couple days.
Off to join the thrifty parties at Apron Thrift Girl and Southern Hospitality!


Laura said...

I cannot pass up a teapot - you found some nice ones!

Joy said...

I'm a visitor coming over from Apron Thrift Girl & had to say Happy Birthday to you because we share a August 18th birthday, as well as a love of thrift!

Debbie said...

I love that teapot. I am from WNY myself and know Hamburg NY well. My Mom lives In Orchard Park:) fYI I have a thrifting party every Friday and I would love for you to join in sometime. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Love the teapot! Yellow is my favorite color.

Barbara said...

I love what you did with the billiard balls. I would have bought them too.
Sad that your daughter is leaving the nest but exciting for her and life is meant to change from time to time I think. Keeps us fresh. I have 20 year gap between my two so also still have one at home. Bittersweet.

Madge said...

happy belated birthday! what a sweet gift from your daughter...

my husband went to fsu for a stretch...he has fond memories of 'tally'. i would love to visit!