Sunday, October 3, 2010

I *heart* Holly Hobbie

I have been on a sewing kick again! I lucked out and was able to combine my love for vintage sheets and linens, with my love of sewing and my love of all things Holly Hobbie!

That means I have a new item in my Etsy shoppe!

I have been working out the kinks and perfecting my ruffle skirt. I think I have made about 10 since I first posted about them. I made some changes to how I construct the skirt so that it will last a long long time and always look good. More on that in a different post.

I have a bunch of these fabrics left so that means I am happy to take custom orders!

By the way, that sweet little Holly Hobbie doll... I thrifted her over the summer. She is EXACTLY like the one I had as a little girl. I have never stopped loving all things Holly Hobbie. it just brings back so many memories.

So much, in fact, that when Sophie was one year old, I dressed her as Holly Hobbie for Halloween! This was before my sewing kick, so her costume was ordered from Amazon, not hand made.
Maybe I can convince her to go as Holly Hobbie again next year so I can go crazy making her an awesome costume? This year she insists on being Jessie from the movie Toy Story. Hmmm.... maybe I can go as Holly Hobbie this year! I still have time! LOL!


kibbygirl said...

Hey, I still have my twin Holly Hobbie Sheets from when I was a little girl! No bed to put them on right now, but I'm keeping them. I just cant let them go!

Kami said...

omg amy!! that's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, look! What a dollie she is in her awesome HH costume. I love the skirt you made, too.