Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pillow Case Shirt

I Know it's getting cooler in most parts of the country, but here in South Florida it is just now becoming tolerable to be outside. We had the hottest summer I can remember, too hot to spend time outdoors really. it is finally starting to cool down to the low 80's! Yay! It feels so nice to walk outside and not become instantly drenched in sweat. Yuck.

Anyways, I dug out a couple of my thrifted Vera pillow cases and made cute tops out of them!

Here's one of them, the other I wore yesterday and is in the wash already. The lady at the post office complimented it and even my sister thought it was store bought!

I loosely followed the instructions in this awesome book! So many ideas for vintage pillowcases! I think my next project will be making a bunch of reusable grocery totes from more vintage pillow cases. I love pillow cases, can you tell?

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Alyssa Bee said...

Super cute! I will have to add this book to my wishlist!