Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Few Thrifty Finds!

I thought I'd share of few of my recent thrift finds with you today!

This old Cosco chair/step stool was $5.95. I slapped some faux oil cloth on the seat for now and will probably paint it at some point. It has already come in handy when Sophie wants to help make dinner.

I never thought I'd find a Pyrex dot bowl! Finally! And for $2.95, who could pass it up?

I bought this box full of old metal flower frogs yesterday for $4.95. Some have already been put to work and this is the rest of the bunch.

How appropriate! A "Thrift" bank so I can save my pennies for more thrift outings! Too bad I can't figure out how to open it! Still, I love that it is all rusty and worn and it looks cute on my desk.

Have you been thrifting lately?

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SixBalloons said...

Pyrex Dots is definitely on my thrift wishlist. I've actually never seen any in person.